A Step By Step Guide to Roasting Red Peppers

I’ve learned a lot about barbecuing this summer. 

1.  If you’re cooking fatty foods, stay close to the BBQ.
2.  Keep the heat on medium.
3.  If you don’t want your food to be completely black on the outside, preheat the BBQ and then turn off the burner under the food you’re cooking.
4.  How to roast red peppers.

There’s other things I’ve learned, but I’m going to keep this post short and sweet!

Roasted red peppers are delicious!  This is the first year I’ve made them, and they are so versatile!  You can make hummus with them, roasted red pepper sauce, throw them in pasta, put them in sandwiches… yum!  

Yes, you can buy roasted red peppers in a jar.  But, here, in my part of Canada, they’re expensive!  It’s around $6.00 for a jar (which isn’t very big), and I can buy peppers from the green house for $2.50 for 2 lbs!!!  And, I think they taste better fresh!  Plus, they’re very easy!

1.  Preheat your BBQ.  I like to turn all of my burners on high, and then turn them down once it’s hot. 

2.   Keep the heat on medium under your peppers, and turn the other burners off if you don’t need to use them.

3.  Wash and dry your peppers and put them whole on the BBQ.

4.  Wait about 2 minutes, until the first side is black, and turn them over (yes, this is one time when you want your food to be black!)

5.  When they look like this on all sides, they’re ready!

6.  Put them in a bowl:

7.  Cover them with plastic wrap (this allows them to steam and makes the skin really easy to remove):

8.  Wait until they’re cool, and then peel all of the skin off.  It’s usually really easy.  Whatever you do, don’t rinse them!  You’ll take away the smoky, delicious flavour! 

9.  Rip or cut them in half and remove the seeds and stem. 

10.  Voila!  You’ve got roasted red peppers to slice, puree or do what you please with!


The Hungry Teacher



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5 responses to “A Step By Step Guide to Roasting Red Peppers

  1. Carolyn Parks

    Your posting was about 10 hours overdue as I attempted to roast peppers under the broiler this morning. The rack position for broiling seems too low in my oven. I got impatient and didn’t wait till they got really black and of course the skins didn’t come off that well. But they still taste good. But in future I will give your recipe a try.

  2. I’m posting a recipe for Roasted Red Pepper Hummus today. Maybe your time to try roasting red peppers again will come really soon:)

    I haven’t actually roasted peppers in the oven, but I’ve heard you can. I think that if you did let the skins get really black it would work just fine!

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  4. Roasting them in the oven works really well, too. Just just have to leave them in for longer, and not take them out til they’re black. The first time I did this a few years ago I was concerned that they were blackening, but the skin won’t come off otherwise!

    These are delicious, and there’s so much you can do with them!

  5. Thanks for the step by step instructions, if I went ahead and tried this out without looking at these photos, I would have panicked, thinking they were horrifically burnt! 😉

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