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Fritatta– Pefect for Earth Day

Earth Day is coming up on Thursday, April 22.

There are lots of little things that we can do to help our earth.  One big thing that we can do is to eat locally.  Eating locally is a bit of a craze these days, but it’s a great thing to do!  The book, “The 100 Mile Diet” by Alisa Smith and James (JB) MacKinnon illustrates this concept really well, and it’s a great read.

Eating locally allows you to support the farmers and other members of your community.  Produce especially tastes much better when it is eaten in season.  Farm fresh eggs have beautiful golden yolks that are unlike anything you can get at the grocery store (on my last dozen of farm eggs, I had 2 double yolkers!)

Another thing you can do is to reduce the amount of meat you eat.  I pretty much have to sneak meatless recipes into my house, because of my meat-loving husband, but he’s a good sport and will humour me once in a while.

Now, onto the recipe.  The beautiful thing about a fritatta is that it can be made with anything you have on hand.  It’s perfect for those veggies and pieces of cheese that are leftover in your fridge.  It can also be made in about ten minutes from start to finish!  My frittata had ham (although, this is definitely optional!), cheese, sundried tomatoes and some Italian seasoning in it.  If you are going to use “hard” vegetables (onions, potatoes) sautee them in a bit of olive oil before making the fritatta.  A fritatta is a perfect canvas to play around with, as the options are really limitless!  Some ideas are onions and potatoes, 4 cheese, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil… the list goes on and on! Let me know if you have any amazing combinations to try!  The leftovers taste great the next day–  heated up in the microwave or eaten cold!

Recipe adapted from David Rocco’s Dolce Vita
Serves 4

Beat 6-8 eggs in a bowl with a fork.  Add in whatever chopped veggies and cheese you would like to add.  Add in some salt and pepper and maybe some herbs (I added some Italian seasoning to mine).  Take a large frying pan and heat it over medium heat with about 1 Tbsp of olive oil.  Add in the egg mixture and heat for a couple of minutes.  Once the bottom begins to set, turn down the heat and place a lid over the top.  Cook for a few more minutes, or until the fritatta is set all the way through!  Cut into wedges and enjoy with a green salad!

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