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Here I Am!

Is the world ready for yet another cooking blog?  I hope so, because The Hungry Teacher is bursting onto the scene!  I’ve been wanting to start a blog for quite a while, however, I couldn’t think up a witty name that wasn’t taken!  Well, today was the day!  My husband and I were walking in the rain along the beach (of Harrison Lake), and discussing this very matter. By putting our brains together, we came up with The Hungry Teacher.

How did I decide on The Hungry Teacher for a name?  It’s quite simple, really.  1.  I am an elementary school teacher, hence the teacher part.  2.  I love to eat the food I cook.  I love to cook, but I also love to eat.  So, there you have it.  The Hungry Teacher.  My favourite things to cook are probably appetizers and dinner.  I enjoy baking, but I would much rather eat salty snacks than sweet baking.

I am slightly obsessed with cookbooks, and I own over 75.  I love to peruse recipe books and websites. 

The Hungry Teacher will document my cooking adventures, hopefully quite regularly.  I will soon post a recipe or two, but a birthday party for a friend beckons me tonight, so some cooking adventures will have to wait. 

Until later,
The Hungry Teacher



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